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Added: Jun 2nd, 2017
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 Program Description 
Company have been a foreign exchange dealer since the beginning of 2000. When company started our business, the main transaction was through telephone order. However, the internet trading has gradually become mainstream, and in five years after establishment, the monthly transaction volume has grown to exceed 3 million dollar. On the other hand, a new trading style was born, ultra-high-speed trading incorporating a computer-based algorithm called HFT became mainstream, and individual investors suffered greatly. And nowadays, the market is changing from trading in ultra-fast trading to trading by artificial intelligence. For the setting up company BITELLER, we decided to pull the plug on the foreign exchange market to intend to the future and we began to develop a platform to combine artificial intelligence and finance and to connect companies and individuals all over the world. At the same time, company will start crypto-currency technology and encourage the introduction of the technology to banks and securities companies to coexist with real money and encryption currency. Company aim to become the world’s leading Internet technology and finance company, and we would like to develop businesses that are needed by people all over the world.